Frustrated, Anxious, and Overwhelmed Moms...
Are you tired of feeling stuck and wish you knew a BETTER WAY to cope with all the craziness?

The Resilient Mom Toolkit is Your Step-by-Step Solution for Feeling Calm, Confident, and In-Control...No Matter What Life Throws Your Way.

"I’ve had a lot of stress and anxiety over certain situations in my life, and I find myself being much calmer using the strategies taught inside The Toolkit. It's easy to learn and something my entire family is benefiting from." 
- Melissa S.
What Would Your Life Look Like If Calm and Confidence Replaced Frustration and Worry? 

Here's what it looks like for her...


"After learning these techniques, my husband really noticed and appreciates how calm and level-headed I’ve been during issues and that I’m able to see things and look at them from all sides."


"When my youngest daughter started school she was riddled with stress and anxiety and I was at a loss for what to do. These simple techniques taught us how to deal with her anxiety. She is now thriving socially and in school!"


"Having a blended family with eight kids creates a lot of challenges. I’ve been able to use these tools to help myself stay calm and focused when I’m feeling overwhelmed." 

Get Ready To Write Your Own Success Story!

The Resilient Mom Toolkit takes you by the hand and teaches you a simple, step-by-step, proprietary technique, for coping with all of life's "craziness". 
But that's not all...Inside you'll also learn:

  • The one thing that’s been missing from everything else you’ve tried.
  • ​Why other self-help techniques aren’t sticking.
  • ​Learn to ‘fill the gap’ and 10x your results.
  • ​How 60 short seconds could make or break your best efforts.
  • ​How to stop using ‘buzz words’ and ‘blanket statements’ and zero in on your real issues.
  • ​​How to pin-point your pain-points and feel confident you're solving the right problem.
  • The most common emotion many women struggle with...but I'll bet you've never heard of it! 

Here's Everything You Get Inside The Resilient Mom Toolkit:

Video Trainings

Watch and learn as I teach two, 30-minute interactive classes, the secret solution for on-the-spot stress relief. Many of the questions asked during this online masterclass will likely answer yours. 

Audio Lessons

Tune in and listen to the back stories, strategies, and techniques in short , easy to digest, audio recordings perfect for on the go learning while walking your dog or driving your car.  


If reading is how you learn best, then you'll love having a written transcript of each audio lesson for you to print, take notes on, and reference. 

The ​EC Chart™

The EC™ Reference Chart will become a valuable asset to you after learning the techniques inside The Resilient Mom Toolkit. You'll also receive instructional downloads for The 3R's and the EC™ Technique.

24/7 Access and Updates

You'll receive 24/7 lifetime access and updates to The Resilient Mom Toolkit membership hub containing video trainings, audio lessons, and written transcripts along with printable handouts and The EC™ reference chart. 

Private Online Community

Exclusive Facebook group: Connect with other like-minded moms, belong to an amazing community, and receive unlimited feedback and support inside our private FB group.

PLUS You'll Also Receive These Limited Time Bonuses!
Gain even more clarity and reinforce the stress solution techniques you learn inside The Resilient Mom Toolkit with free access to two over-the-shoulder private coaching call replay's!  

Listen in while I coach a private 1:1 client on the same techniques I'm teaching you. Hearing others can accelerate the learning process and give you more confidence on how to apply the techniques to your own situation.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with what you learn inside The Resilient Mom Toolkit, just send me an email within 3 days of purchase and I'll give you back every single cent.

WAIT...Why All This For Just $27? 

I could insert a lot of "fluff" here but that just doesn't feel good. I prefer straight-talk and the truth is, there are only TWO reasons I'm giving away so much value for this incredibly low price: 

1. I know you’ll learn something entirely new, achieve quick results, and will love it enough to want to know more about my other products and programs. But even if you don’t, you’ll walk away with a proven strategy for on-the-spot stress relief that’ll serve you well the rest of your life...and that’s something I do feel good about!

2. As much as I’d love to help everyone, that just isn’t possible so I need to choose wisely who I work with. I choose to work with women who are action takers and serious about creating strength and resilience, for themselves and their families, especially in times like these. Taking action and making a micro-investment in yourself proves you're ready with an open mind.

Lori Gehring, Founder
LANG Wellness™ & Bulletproof Mamas™

Meet Lori Gehring

Creator, The Resilient Mom Toolkit

Having suffered the lifelong effects of a collapsed lung, severe asthma, chronic allergies, and candidiasis, Lori has developed a deep understanding and appreciation for those seeking responsibility for their own health.    

For Lori, the climax of her depleted health came a few hours after the birth of her fourth child when her body went into anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening allergic reaction.    

After that experience, Lori opened up her mind to the idea that there must be something more, something better, than what the medical specialists and prescription drugs were offering. She appreciated them for the immediate relief they could bring, but the temporary fixes never came with long-term results.  

The next 20 years were spent learning and gaining experience from practitioners specializing in alternative health. Lori explored acupuncture, reflexology, herbology, homeopathy, chiropractic, kinesiology, nutrition, chelation, and finally...emotional stress therapy.

In 2012, she started LANG Wellness™ (an acronym of her initials) and started working one-on-one with clients focusing on holistic nutrition and other alternative health therapies. 

What she eventually realized is what she learned last (emotional stress therapy) is what she needed to teach first, so in 2019 Bulletproof Mamas™ was born. 

By implementing specific tools, strategies, and techniques, acquired by excellent mentors, Lori has since been able to take control of her health, create her own proprietary techniques, and enjoy profound and lasting results for herself and her clients. 

Others Have Gone Before You...

If she can do it, you can too!

"Lori's EC™ Technique is what I use more than anything else. I was totally empowered by it!"
- Lindsey L.

"Lori explains everything in a way that makes it so easy to get down to the root of your issue. She truly wants to help you and definitely knows her stuff." 
- Matti B.

"I'm back to feeling more at ease. The heaviness I carried feels like it's been released. What Lori has done for me and my family is amazing!" 
- Marne T.

“Because of what she’s been through, Lori comes prepared with a full scope of possibilities for how she can help you. I love her way of really getting to the bottom of the problem instead of just putting on a band-aid for the solution.” 
- Susan H. 

"As a college athlete, I've had to learn to deal with a new level of pressure. Between classes, exams, training, and competition, I was feeling overwhelmed. Lori taught me to be confident in myself, emotionally and physically, and taught me techniques that I use before my meets. I loved working with Lori because she was able to identify what I needed even when I wasn't sure myself." 
- Isabel N.

"Lori helped me realize how much my thoughts and stress were affecting me physically. It made for a whole new awareness that I consider vital to my health and life. I would recommend her programs if you want to get to the root of your health problems."
- Diane B.

"Being challenged to really dig deep into the things that have been holding me back, and then given the tools to deal with what was uncovered, was life-changing. It allowed me to truly have a ‘fresh start’. I’ve also used these tools many times with my teenage daughter. They’ve made her feel more in control of her emotions and the stress she deals with on a daily basis while feeling safe and empowered."
- Paula P.

 "I have three teenagers and one pre-teen so I'm dealing with more mentally and emotionally exhausting issues. Lori helped me discover tools to be the best Mom to my kids that I can be."
- Melissa S.

"Lori has been instrumental in helping me with my teenage daughters. As a mother they don't always listen to my advice but something about Lori draws them in and where they don't hear me, they hear her. She has made a great difference in relieving their anxiety and I would recommend her without hesitation."
- Terri W.

In Case You Missed It...Here’s A List Of Everything Included Inside 
The Resilient Mom Toolkit:
  • Step-By-Step Video Trainings (Value $197)
  • ​Audio Lessons (Value $97)
  • ​Transcripts (Value $47) 
  • ​The EC™ Chart, 3R's, and EC™ Technique Downloads (Value $97) 
  • ​Access to The Bulletproof Mamas™ Private FB group (Value $47)
  • ​​24/7 Lifetime Access and Program Updates (Value $197)
  • BONUS: 2 Over-The-Shoulder Coaching Call Replays (Value $197)

Total Value $879

Today's Price: $27

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with what you learn inside The Resilient Mom Toolkit just send me an email within 3 days of purchase and I'll give you back every single cent.

Still Have Questions?

Can't I just watch videos on YouTube or listen to podcasts and do this myself?
You can learn a lot from free resources but that can take awhile and they only get you so far. If you want to fast track your results, then it's essential to start investing in yourself. A good mentor can turn decades of learning into days. How much time do you have? 
How is The Resilient Mom Toolkit different from other workshops or courses?
This is a comprehensive, interactive training, using proprietary techniques, that aren't taught anywhere else. The result? You're transformed from feeling anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed into being calm, confident, and in-control of yourself, your relationships, and your life. 
How do I access the course after I sign up?
This is an on-demand digital course. Once you purchase The Resilient Mom Toolkit, you'll immediately receive login instructions so you can get started right away!
Who is this course for?
The Resilient Mom Toolkit is for women, especially mothers and grandmothers (can’t exclude them since I am one!) who are tired of feeling stuck and want to learn quick and effective coping skills, to handle motherhood, and all life's uncertainties.
Who is this course NOT for?
This course is not for women who prefer to remain stuck in their comfort zone, have a victim mentality, or blame all their problems on other people and circumstances. It's also not for women who don't see the value of investing in themselves or their future.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes! If this isn't everything I've promised above and more, I'll refund you every red cent. Because of the digital nature of the course (and the fact you could consume it within a few hours), I do put a limit on this of three days. 
What Are You Waiting For?

The choice is yours. Do nothing and stay stuck. Or take action now and start feeling Calm, Confident, and In-Control TODAY. 

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